Pastillas Regaliz Ebro

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Ebro Mint Menthol Pastilles

Digestive and refreshing liquorice pastilles with a delicate mint and menthol aroma.
Metallic boxes 12 gr.

Metallic boxes 12 gr. menthol aromaMetallic boxes 12 gr. menthol aroma

Ebro Natural Pastilles

Liquorice pastilles, mild, without added sugar and with a natural flavour.
Metallic boxes 12 gr.

Metallic boxes 12 gr. natural flavourMetallic boxes 12 gr. natural flavour

Ebro bars

Liquorice bars, flexible and soft with a mild anise flavour.
Bar 22 gr.

Bar 22 gr. anise flavourBar 22 gr. anise flavour

Ebro dagrees

Dragees with a liquorice heart and sugar coating. Strong menthol flavour.
Packet 12 gr.

Packet 12 gr. menthol flavourPacket 12 gr. menthol flavour

Bulk liquorice

We have all type of pastilles and dragees in different flavours.
Packed in 5 kg bags.

Bulk liquoriceBulk liquorice


Pure liquorice extract in 5 kg blocks.
Pure powdered liquorice extract.

Extracts of liquorice

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